Cancer and immunometabolism

Russell Jones Laboratory
Our mission is to understand what fuels immunity. By investigating the relationship between metabolism, cancer, and the immune system, our goal is to translate our findings into the development of novel, innovative approaches for cancer prevention, diagnosis and therapy.

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The laboratory of Dr. Russell Jones is searching for postdoctoral fellows and research associates in cancer and immune cell metabolism. Candidates with Ph.D. training in cancer, immunology, mass spectrometry and bioinformatics are encouraged to apply. Visit our career center here.

The Metabolic and Nutritional Programming group also is recruiting a research scientist with expertise in mass spectrometry and metabolomics. In this role, the candidate will be instrumental in providing scientific expertise and leadership in delivering GC/MS (GC-MS, Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry) and LC/MS (LC-MS, Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry) services to Institute members and outside collaborators. Read the job posting and apply here.